Expect more.

All radio frequency treatments
One device

The world’s only device that works entirely on radio frequency and can be used for every conceivable treatment with radio frequency energy.

If you are not satisfied with anything but the most advanced techniques, then MedRF4000 is for you.

More treatments.

Expand your service range whenever you wish.

You can use MedRF4000 to treat conditions such as:
collateral and perforating veins
saphenous veins
anal fistula

More information.

MedRF4000 supports you during the treatment by providing live information.

No general anaesthetic.
No hospital admission.

More time.

Easily transfer all the information about the treatment to the patient’s file via USB.

More flexibility.

Add treatments. Switch between treatments. Switch between workspaces.

More comfort.

Thermocoagulation is the ideal safe and efficient method that does not damage the surrounding tissue. A local anaesthetic is sufficient and there are no painful side effects such as bruising or (permanent) paresthesia.

More future.

MedRF4000 is a futureproof investment that keeps on innovating itself. The generator is suitable for any radio frequency treatment that F Care Systems will develop in the future.

Expect more.

Treatments. Information. Time. Flexibility. Comfort. Future.

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More about
F Care Systems

The Belgian Company F Care Systems Has Been Developing Medical And Aesthetic Equipment Based On Radio Frequency Since 2001. They Do This In Cooperation With Experienced Doctors From University Hospitals. F Care Systems Is The Only Firm In The World With A Device That Works Entirely On Radio Frequency.​